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It been a while since I posted a DIY Tutorial  and I do apologize. I just wanted to drop a quick line about this cool Community that I  will now be using to promote my DiY tutorials. It’s an app called Guide Central that is available on both ipad and iphones. It makes it so quick and easy to write tutorials as you go along. I don’t have to worry about uploading photos and putting them into a post, which makes my life a whole lot easier. I absolutely love this app and will most likely be posting the majority of my DIY tutorials for now on.

I still will put a few on the blog for those of you who may not have an ipad or phone and that seem to be popular or highly requested. They also have an online option were you can view the guides if you are just looking, but if you want to make a guide  and be active in the community on there you have to have the app. If you do by chance either device be sure t o download this free app and follow me (AsharahDamore).

Here’s a quick link to a cool  recovered suitcase tutorial I did on Guide Central. Click If you want to learn how to Do it Yourself

Recovered Vintage Suitcase

Recovered Vintage Suitcase

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